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Blog Posts Tagged 'mobile'

Inside the Mobile Phone Manufacturer Torture Tests

22nd June 2011

In a building in downtown Shenzhen, white-coated technicians are quietly, methodically torturing cell phones to death. Don't worry - after they break them, they're hoping you won't be able to do the same. More...

Tags: mobile

Is All Mobile Technology in the Car Dangerous?

11th June 2011

BMW has launched a media campaign to build awareness about the hazards of driver distraction and texting behind the wheel. At the same time, it seeks to integrate more mobile tech into its vehicles. More...

Tags: mobile

LookMobile gives you remote access to your Android phone

6th June 2011

Let's admit it, we're all practically glued to our smartphones. Most of us probably have a pretty unhealthy relationship with our phones that borders on obsessive. Despite these addictions, I'm... More...

Tags: mobileapps

13 Helpful Mobile Web Design Tools

31st May 2011

It's more important than ever to pay attention to the browsing experience of your sites on mobile platforms. People are doing more of their downtime browsing on devices like the... More...

Tags: mobilewebdesign

Tablets are gaining traction in business whether IT likes it or not

23rd May 2011

Mobile workers are turning to tablets and smartphones for tasks previously relegated to laptops, a recent study finds More...

Tags: tabletsandroidblackberryipadiphonemobile securitywebos